Project Inner Sculpture

Is the color obtained by combining red (predominant in fire) and blue (predominant in water). As an allusion to the union of opposites. The work will have a series of 9 digital prints of abstract calligraphy photographs converted into fire and water, located on the left side wall of
the room.


By fusing elements of nature such as fire and water with fundamental principles of Zen philosophy, the work seeks to explore the interconnectedness and duality inherent in existence.

The work embraces the notion of «opposites but interconnected,» reflecting the complementarity between the masculine and feminine. This duality is manifested in both the choice of visual elements and the conceptual structure of the work.

Fire, represented as a masculine, active and creative element, dialogues with water, a feminine, passive and fertilizing element. This dichotomy is visually translated through synthetic photographs generated from abstract calligraphy forms, where chromatic differences and ascending and descending directions express the polarity of these elements.

Perceptual duality becomes a central theme in addressing the subjective interpretation of the forces represented.